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Mike and Pat Layton have been involved in the pro-life ministry as a couple for close to 30 years.

God started Mike & Pat’s journey in 1986 with the healing of their own abortion as a young couple, the adoption of a miracle daughter and, lastly, the founding and opening of A Woman’s Place, Tampa, Florida’s first pregnancy center – now one of the nation’s largest multi-site centers.

Over their 30 years of serving through their local ministry, Mike and Pat led the creation and establishment of a nationally recognized abstinence education program; started an adoption agency; published an International post abortion recovery (for both men and women) Bible Study called Surrendering the Secret (Lifeway, 2008), along with founding an organization by the same name, and opened one of the nation’s first PRC-based medical centers. They have, individually and together, served on multiple boards and managed budgets both small and large.

Pat and Mike have traveled and spoken all over the country sharing their personal testimony and raising thousands upon thousands of dollars for sanctity of life ministries.

This team has a lifetime of experience and is now serving as a couple to help other sanctity of life ministries that are in transition, troubled or just need some fresh advice for its next strategic plan. It is the desire of Mike and Pat to serve centers that would benefit from their commitment to God’s Word, life long experience, unwavering work ethic and passion for the success of sanctity of life ministries.

Some PRC.MD Services:

  • Establishing or Reviving Vision and Goals
  • Planning and Leading Friend and Fund Raising Events
  • Ministry Program Creation and Advancement
  • Speaking and Writing
  • Board and Staff Coaching and Training
  • Establishing or Creating Ministry Brand, Graphics and Social Media Reach
  • Staff and Board Negotiation and Mediation
  • Finance/Budget Creation and Management
  • Church Relations Development and Leadership

Stages of service generally include:

Stage 1: Needs Evaluation (30-90 days)

A season of talking with current Board and/or Staff; getting to know the vision and dreams of the Board; reviewing policies and procedures; meeting with current supporting churches and donors; and evaluating the financial health of the ministry as needed.

Stage 2: Recommendations

Presentation of a customized and strategic action plan.

Stage 3: Action/Implementation

Board and Staff embrace board Review and Strategic Plan.

Continue to serve and implement plan as agreed or desired by the Board at the above phase.

Stage 4: Next Steps

Once the Board and Mike & Pat have facilitated a mutual agreement that the ministry is healthy and moving with great momentum, this stage may/may not involve assistance in hiring a new CEO.

The ultimate goal for all parties will be to leave the ministry in a healthier and happier place, enjoying the purpose and passion God designed for your particular team, location, culture and support base.

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